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The most common petition for a green card is through marriage. If a person seeking to settle down or move up in their life through marriage, foreign spouses are very popular. There is a marriage case process within the U.S. to follow whose time of processing from the date of filing to the interview has now settled into about  4-7 months. The forms to fill out are about 70 pages. Work permits that used to come within three months like clockwork until 2017 had been taking 6-12 months. Now, we have seen 2 to 4.5 months in recent cases. We still have to wait until the time period of issuance of the work permits in family cases becomes more certain. There is a mandatory in-person interview.


Once the case is filed, receipts are issued right away and are received within 10-14 days of filing. The I-485 receipt usually protects the applicant from any deportation. A foreign spouse must have entered the USA with a visa, or a Visa Waiver, even if it expired, in order to file. In some cases a foreigner paroled into the U.S. can also apply in the U.S.

The entire process is gaining great scrutiny from the USCIS interviewing officers, who greatly investigate the applicant and the U.S. citizen spouse. The marriage must be documented continuously with joint accounts of every kind, joint travel, and of course living together continuously.

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Many people come in desperation to ALEX BARAK after they believe they can handle the process without an Immigration lawyer. Typically, their cases are not accepted for filing, they have no idea what to do in response to an Immigration request for more evidence, or they simply realize GOOGLE is not a licensed Immigration lawyer and they realize it is time to hire a PRO.


One would be hard-pressed to find an Immigration lawyer like ALEX BARAK, who has been going to marriage case interviews since 1982. His experience and knowledge of what will occur at these interviews are unparalleled. He provides a list of questions that you may be asked from the  40+ years of interviews he has attended with clients.


These are updated every month. How you dress, how you sit, and how you look at the Immigration officer has an effect on your case. Having an experienced Immigration lawyer to prepare you requires you to collect the necessary set of documents and evidence to bring to the interview, and for this lawyer to attend the interview with you, this is something everyone needs if one wants a green card without stress and without delay. It is as important as borrowing money for a life-saving medical procedure.

Marriage Cases
Hollywood, Florida Green Card Lawyer

Why Should You Hire An Experienced Immigration Lawyer for Your Green Card Marriage Case?

I have endured a long, long battle with Immigration, and I am happy and excited to announce that I now have my green card in my hand.

I owe a deep gratitude to Alex Barak, our lawyer, who fought so hard for us and never gave up in our years of battling for my right to live in the USA.

I tried to do a simple marriage case with my wife without a lawyer, but we were not equipped to handle it by ourselves. Never do it alone. Hire a well-known Immigration lawyer.

Disaster struck while my marriage case was pending. I was falsely arrested by an ICE agent on a train. I guess I was racially targeted. I was placed in deportation even though I had an open and pending marriage case with the USCIS. The Government lawyers did not seem to care about the law, and my lawyer Alex Barak locked horns with them, fighting for my rights in a multi-year battle. The USCIS was not interested in following the law. Even the Judge was not following the law.

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Andre Brown

ALEX BARAK's clients are treated the most politely by the Immigration Officers, they are the most prepared for their interviews, and ALEX BARAK  is with his clients every step of the way. 


The BARAK SYSTEM is proven for success, over decades of interviews. 


Gay, transgender, and lesbian married couples are also legally recognized and are welcome to file.  We have had 100% success.


If at the time of the interview, the couple has been married less than two years, then the green card issued is a conditional one, good for only two years and it expires on its own. A second application by the couple must be filed within the last 90 days of the conditional or temporary two-year green card.

If at the time of the interview, the couple has been married two years or more, then the foreign spouse receives a permanent green card. Although the permanent green card provides a 10-year expiration, that is really the piece of plastic’s expiration. After three years with a green card and still living with the American spouse, one can file for citizenship, a two year head-start over others.

You too can achieve success.

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Google Verified Customer Reviews
Google Verified Customer Reviews


I am a Panamanian who hired Alex Barak for my marriage green card case. I was told by several people that he was the ultimate master of Immigration law. Well, I do not understand how he got my work permit in 5 weeks, the fastest in over 22 years, and my green card was approved without an interview, something Mr. Barak has said never ever happened before in his career over 40 years. Either he has magic or God is with him. I am so happy!

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Michelle Y.

Immigration Attorney Miami

Contact an experienced Immigration attorney, Alex T. Barak can help you today.


The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

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