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Who is Alex Barak?

Alex T. Barak was born in New York and graduated from Queens College of the City University of New York with a B.A. in English in only three years. He has always loved writing and was a student journalist. Then he received a scholarship and studied law, a three-year program at the University of Miami, School of Law, graduating in 1981 with a Juris Doctor degree.

He is married to his first and only wife of  31 years and has two sons, one a mechanical engineer and the other a rocket scientist working at Kennedy Space Center.

Alex Barak is a multi-talented lawyer who was trained decades ago by a very active law firm in multiple areas of the law in which he excels, including personal injury, immigration, and civil litigation. Many lawyers know only one area of the law. Alex Barak’s knowledge and experience is much broader and he has expertise and experience over decades in many areas of the law and is able to provide justice to more persons than the average lawyer.


Mr. Barak, who will handle your case, has been licensed to practice law since 1981 and has extensive and an extreme level of experience in personal injury law, having worked on cases from their very beginning stages all the way to winning in the Florida Supreme Court.


Alex Barak is a member of the Florida Bar since 1981 and is a member of the Broward County Bar Association, Broward County Trial Lawyers Association,  South Broward Bar Association,  and American Association for Justice; he is also admitted and qualified attorney for the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida, Federal Court.

He began his career working his initial six years as an attorney for a law firm with a large personal injury practice, where he was heavily involved in all aspects of hundreds of cases, from meeting clients, taking photos of accident scenes, preparing lawsuits, going to court hearings, preparing his clients for their testimony, fighting stubborn insurance companies in court, taking depositions, forcing the opposition to produce documents which were requested and to answer questions under oath; attending mediations, negotiating settlements and conducting jury trials as lead counsel in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. He further successfully handled multiple appeals, including one which is a landmark case in one particular area of premises liability. He has been in private practice since 1989.​


Mr. Barak has played in many competitive sports in his lifetime, and he always plays to win. As a client of his, you gain his winning attitude. He does not drink or smoke.  A natural pursuer of justice, he is totally dedicated to earning you what you deserve as an innocent accident victim.​​

Mr. Barak has provided tremendous compensation for thousands of clients by the use of his proven 39 years of experience, strategy, and devotion, to winning every case for every client. He is the equalizer, providing justice for those persons whose cases would not otherwise be taken seriously. He has also been called the “shoulder attorney” due to his near doctor-level knowledge of shoulder injuries and surgeries thereon.

Mr. Barak fights to the end for his clients. He calls himself the “emergency room attorney.” Just as the emergency room doctor saves lives by his quick medical decisions and treatments, so does Mr. Barak save lives in America for thousands of clients by the use of his proven 39 years of experience, strategy, and devotion, to winning every case for every client. He does not rest until you gain civil justice for your injuries.

Deportation Defense, Also Known as Remov


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