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Multinational Executive / Manager Green Card and The L-1A & L-1B Work Visa

Multinational Executive / Manager Green Card And The L-1A and L-1B Work Visa

A person who is a manager or an executive of a multinational company can file directly for a green card if the U.S. branch has been in business for at least a year. There is a popular procedure whereby a foreign company opens a new subsidiary in the U.S. and sends a manager to manage the new subsidiary. Then, from 1-7 years later, the U.S. company files for a green card for this manager, as long as the foreign parent and U.S. subsidiary relationship has continued.

Multinational Executives and Managers, G

When to file between one year and the seventh year depends on the number of employees and other financial factors. An experienced attorney can help to recommend when to file.

A shortcut to this green card category called multinational executive or manager is for a foreign company to purchase anywhere between 51% and 100% of the ownership of an American company which has at least five employees; then the newly acquired U.S. subsidiary can apply directly for a green card for the foreign manager or executive and can skip the L-1 temporary working visa.


If you are thinking to apply for the Multinational Executive or Manager, Green Card Category, call (954) 961-6200 to speak with an Investment Visa Attorney. We offer a Free telephone consultation to prospective clients.

By opening a  new subsidiary of foreign business in the U.S., a foreign business executive/manager can receive a working visa, L1A, good up to seven years for a qualified multinational company scenario. The spouse and children receive the L-2 visa. The spouse can also receive a work permit. This category of L-1A visa is convertible into a permanent green card via a multi-national manager category.


A company, in theory, could file directly for a green card for its foreign overseas manager if there is an already existing U.S. subsidiary of this foreign company in the existence of over one year or if the foreign company buys out a U.S. company and establishes it as a subsidiary. This is known as Green Card for Multinational Executives and Managers.

Re: L-1A Visa:  the Immigration application for the L-1A visa and all proof will be mailed by the attorney to a central immigration office and an approval notice or a request for more evidence can be obtained in the case within approximately 60-120 days of Immigration’s receipt of the package through regular service. If additional documents are requested, after they are sent to Immigration, it will take an additional 30-90 more days until approval under normal processing, or up to 15 days more on express service. Immigration officers vary in their approach to these cases. Some are easier than others. Premium Processing costs $2500.00 extra and guarantees a response to the petition within 15 days. Almost all lawyers recommend this faster service. We always use this.

The approval notice will be sent by the attorney to the client. If the client is in the U.S., we would have included in the package to Immigration a  change of status, and he/she actually can begin working upon approval and obtain a Social Security number. If he travels outside the U.S. or is outside the U.S. when filing, then he will need to get the L-1 visa in his passport at the U.S. Embassy in his home country before trying to return to the U.S. He first must complete the online the Department of State DS 160 form which is very lengthy and detailed. Then, he will need to make an appointment with a Non-Immigrant Visa Officer. There are some additional fees to pay to the Department of State per person for the L-1A, L-1B visas, and the L-1 for dependent spouses and children. A full copy of the L-1 A visa package sent to the USCIS should be included in the presentation o the Embassy.


The L-1B visa is for an employee of a foreign company who has specialized knowledge. This visa can be extended up to five years but does not have the direct route for a green card that the L-1A has.

L visas for a new American company are issued for one year. Thereafter, an extension can be applied for a two-year extension. For an existing company active for over a year, an L-1A visa can be issued at the beginning for three years.

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