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Law Offices Of Alex T. Barak, P.A.

An Aventura, Florida Immigration Lawyer with Decades of Immigration Law Approvals and Success. Delivering  A Legal  Life In America and Protecting Clients’ Lives in America Since 1981.


A reliable and knowledgeable Aventura Immigration lawyer will guide you to success utilizing his unmatched skills and thousands of case approvals’ experience for your:


Do You Need An Experienced Immigration Lawyer In Aventura, Florida?

Aventura Immigration Lawyer Alex T. Barak comes with decades of hard-core experience in the Aventura-area Immigration offices and Immigration Courts; he has witnessed the hardships and challenges the newly arrived and their families are confronted with and he carries them to success.


An Aventura Immigration Attorney knows how to handle the Aventura area legal needs with the various Immigration-related agencies, DHS, ICE, CBP, and all of their procedures Enforcement) procedures.


Alex T. Barak, a knowledgeable and experienced Aventura immigration lawyer, has expertise and experience over decades in many areas of the law and can provide justice to more persons than the average lawyer.

The Aventura immigration law offices of Alex T. Barak are devoted to a tradition of helping our clientele understand the requirements and clarifying the difficulties and problems in this complicated area of the law.


Satisfied clients, who primarily come to us through happy referrals, are a testament to a legacy of dedication and commitment to a favorable outcome for all our clients.

If you or a family member face Immigration law needs to obtain or preserve a legal status in Aventura, Florida, call and speak with an experienced Aventura Immigration Attorney for a free case evaluation.

Immigration Attorney, Aventura, FL

Aventura, Florida Immigration Attorney, Serving Clients For More Than 40 Years

The Law Offices of Alex T. Barak, P.A is a trilingual law firm that specializes in Immigration law, as well as business law. Mr. Barak, who will handle your case, has been licensed to practice law since 1981. He is a multi-talented immigration lawyer trained decades ago by a very active law firm in multiple areas of the law in which he excels, including  Immigration, personal injury, and civil litigation.


Many lawyers know and handle only one area of the law. Alex Barak’s knowledge and experience are much broader, and he has expertise and experience over decades in many areas of the law. He can provide justice to more persons than the average lawyer.

The main office is conveniently located in Hollywood, FL, which is close to the city of Aventura.

Aventura immigration attorney Alex T. Barak treats every case with a unique approach, as no two cases are the same. The personalized and dedicated approach of the Aventura Immigration Law Firm of Alex T. Barak is reflected this way:


Mr. Barak fights to the end for his clients. He calls himself the “emergency room attorney.” Just as the emergency room doctor saves lives by his quick medical decisions and treatments, so does Mr. Barak save lives in America for thousands of clients by the use of his proven 40 years of experience, strategy, and devotion, to winning every case for every client. He does not rest until you are approved or saved.


 Aventura immigration lawyer Mr. Barak understands that the decisions made during your immigration law will affect you and your family long after you leave the courtroom. Therefore, he thoroughly educates his clients about their rights and responsibilities regarding their case and any possible outcomes to enable them to make the right decision.

Why Choose The Law Offices of Alex T. Barak, P.A - Immigration Lawyer Serving Aventura, Florida?



Alex  Barak handles and is experienced – 40 years — in a broad range of categories of Immigration law, including green card cases for family members such as wives, husbands, children, and parents, business and investor type visas and green cards, work visas, deportation, detention, immigration bond representation, waivers, advice to those with green cards facing criminal charges, citizenship, asylum, and more.



Alex Barak spent over five years at the beginning of his legal career working for a law firm with the largest Immigration law practice in Broward County, Florida, and attended thousands of Immigration interviews with clients at U.S. Immigration offices, as well as in Immigration Court. Very few Immigration attorneys have this background.  Add to that 40 total years of experience, and you are getting what you really need at a very important point in your life.  His face is familiar to countless Immigration officers and Immigration judges, making it that much easier for you to win your case.


Detailed Devotion

Alex Barak is a professional writer, which is reflected in his superior and detailed legal writings and arguments,  elevating your case to a higher level. He will not rest until your case is approved or won. Once you become his client, his brain works 24/7 for you.



Simply put, you want to work or live in the U.S. You need the results. Failure is no option. So put your case in the hands of the attorney who has been delivering success since 1981.


Contact Us About Your Case

Hire an experienced immigration lawyer in Aventura that will fight for you.

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

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