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Don’t just take our word for it; read what real clients have to say about us to see why we feel great about coming to work every day.
With more than half of our new customers coming from referrals, it is no wonder why our clients provide compliments.


Sonny Avaks


My wife and I came to this country after fleeing from terrible persecution in our home country. We were very nervous. A friend recommended Alex Barak for our political asylum case. He gave us family-like attention and support and assured us based upon his experience we would be approved. Once the Immigration Officer saw it was Alex Barak on the case, it was like we knew we would be approved. The Officer had great respect for him and knew he prepares and presents the best cases. We were approved and we have been able to start a great new life in America with all its freedoms.

Thanks to Alex Barak, we truly are home free! Since then, I have sent many friends to Mr. Barak. All of them were approved and thanked me for the referral. Today, Mr. Barak and I are like brothers. If anyone has any Immigration case and wants to win or to be approved, Alex Barak is the best!! He is worth every dollar he charges. He has over 38 years of experience and has the enthusiasm and energy for success in all immigration cases.

Arsen Gubenko

I needed to file for political asylum, as I suffered severe injuries for my opposition to Ukraine's policies. I was referred to Alex Barak by a person who personally knows dozens of people who had success in their cases with him. Mr. Barak provided me a very professional and detailed legal representation. He continuously showed his great experience, his professional writing skills, and overall expertise. He showed he cared.


It is hard to put into words your story when you have been harmed the way I was. That is why for asylum and other detailed Immigration cases, listen to me, you win by hiring a lawyer who is a professional-level writer. Alex Barak prepared me well for the asylum interview and the Asylum Officer approved my case, October 2020. My wife and I have a new and free life thanks to the superior legal work of Alex Barak.


To us, he is a miracle man. He has been a blessing to our lives and we wish him many more years of continuing success.

Vadim Melik-Hovsepyan

I heard of Alex Barak for about 10 years. So many people from my country went to him and he got them approved for political asylum. It has to be at least 50 people. I have sent several of my friends to him who was also approved. I translated for several of them so that I got to know him. I have found Mr. Barak to be an excellent writer, just exactly as what is needed in a detailed asylum case. Number one, he is 100% honest, to the core. His religious background has given him high ethical and moral standards which reflect in his professional approach to cases. He does not accept every case.


If he thinks the case is not good, he will tell you. If anyone writes a bad review of him, then it must be from a jealous competitor. He has 38+ years of excellent reputation. Mr. Barak possesses an unwavering devotion to his clients, his fees are fair, he treats everyone well. He treats every client as if he/she were a member of his family. He really understands persecution and is devoted to all of his clients’ success. He is also well known among his peers. If anyone needs an A+ immigration attorney, forget about anyone else, This guy is #1.

Elad Yehezkel

I searched for an Immigration lawyer in South Florida about 10 years ago. The price was not as important as the lawyer’s experience, reputation, and giving his client’s success. I was referred to Alex Barak, whom I was told was one of the elite Immigration lawyers.


From all my years dealing with him which has brought me continued success, I can say without hesitation he is at the highest level of immigration lawyers you can find. He treated me as if I were part of his family and cared about me all the time. He also handles other kinds of legal cases, so he has become my lawyer for life.

Ruby Johnson

I had a phenomenal experience, and all went well. He knows his law..........Keep up the great work sir. ​


Response from the owner: This particular client had apparent problems with racists which caused her legal problems. I took over her legal case and I made it my mission to make sure she obtained her U.S. citizenship. I did this case in Orlando. As with all my cases, when I take it, I take it to win and this woman was approved for citizenship despite lots of ugly obstacles. A very proud moment in my career. 

Renana Ayal

I hired Alex Barak for my marriage Immigration case. I was sent to him by my brother-in-law who himself was successful in 3 cases with this lawyer.


He also told me he has sent at least 20 other people to Alex Barak who was all approved.


I thought I knew from friends what documents were needed for the case. It was amazing how thorough Alex Barak is. He is a perfectionist and demands perfection and he had me produce documents for my interview that only he knew were needed. At the interview, it went very easily since I was completely ready and prepared using the Barak system!!! ​ Highly recommended!

Patrick Puleo

I married a foreign woman and Alex Barak handled the initial two-year green card case, as well as getting my wife approved for the permanent green card. He was always there for us, always concerned and showing us he cares. We felt absolutely safe with him and enjoyed his services throughout. Top-notch attorney. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Debra Gangaram

I have had a green card for decades and I had a criminal case and I was facing deportation. I panicked and was so scared. I took this case as a true threat to my life in America. I was referred to Alex Barak by another client of his who had his case dismissed from deportation. My case went to trial, but my attorney Alex Barak was so convincing and persuasive on my behalf that the Judge quoted him in his decision allowing me to stay in the USA. God bless Alex Barak and I bless him for many more years of great service to the immigrant community.

Igor Petrosov

I and my wife have known Alex Barak since 1998. We won a new legal life in the USA thanks to his great work in our asylum case. Since then, we probably have referred to him about 100 new cases and we only hear good news. That is the way it should be. A person with an Immigration law need goes to this great attorney and the case is approved. Blessings to Alex Barak for a long life to help more and more people.


I enlisted the services of Alex Barak to help my husband who was born in France get his green card. Mr. Barak and Polly made the whole process pleasant and Alex was very thorough in his dedication to get things done right. Thanks to Mr. Barak's 30 years of experience, we were blessed to get the green card 7 days after our interview. I am very pleased with his services and recommend him highly.

Reinaldo Kalachian

Muy buen abogado en tramites legales de inmigración! Rapido y amable. Se los aconsejo a todos

(Translated by Google)


A very good lawyer in immigration legal proceedings! Fast and friendly. I advise everyone

Esther Gershon

We are a family of 2 adults and three kids. And we got our green cards so fast and without any remarks Alex is a perfectionist and a specialist in his work. And this is the reason we got it so fast. Big big recommendation taking Alex as an immigration lawyer.

Laurent Carreras

Alex is an amazing attorney extremely knowledgeable friendly and always there no matter what time it is. I was recommended to Alex and I'm so glad I went with Alex as my attorney I highly recommend Alex again. Thank you Alex for my green card when everyone said I wasn't going to get it, but guess what Alex did and got it done.... 

Vladi Klurman

I was recommended to Alex Barak when I needed to file for a green card for my Russian wife. I was told to go for the best, so I listened. I was treated with personalized services, like part of the family. I followed the Alex Barak system, which he says has been developed to perfection over 37 years. Well, perfection it was. We went for an interview with the best evidence, way beyond what I would have considered on my own. The Immigration Officer was very impressed by how Alex Barak presented our case and she approved the case super fast. One week later, we received the green card on August 23, 2019. Thanks to the master Immigration lawyer, Alex Barak, we are so happy!. Vladi and Anastasiia 

Itai Ben Eli

Talking about 1, 2, 3, Alex Barak did it all for me. I heard that L-1 visas were very difficult to obtain and then even harder to obtain an extension. But he got me through very fast.


​I hired Alex Barak for an L-1 visa which was approved in 12 days without any request by Immigration for more evidence.


Then he obtained for me an extension, in 13 days without any request by Immigration for more evidence.


Then he filed for me a green card case as a multinational manager. It was approved in only seven months!!


​This attorney has proven to be the best. Your search for a great Immigration attorney starts and ends with him, Alex Barak.

Momo Rani

Wow, am I excited. Just 9 days after my marriage case interview, I received my green card. This is the best news of my life and I share it with all of you. I hired Alex Barak for my marriage case, as I was referred to him by a person who knows him for more than 20 years.

Alex Barak was a perfectionist, preparing me and my wife like no one else can. He showed me complete devotion to my success. He demanded of me so many documents, I could not believe how thorough he is. He even told me about questions that would be asked that I never would have thought of and they were asked!! His preparation of everything necessary allowed the interview to go very fast and easy.

He knows it all and he is the best. You go to him and your case will be approved.

Dor Haim

I found out I was ordered deported from the USA by an Immigration Court for a hearing to which I did not receive the notice.

I made a big mistake by going to a young lawyer who spoke my language, but she misrepresented to me her legal abilities and she did not file what I have learned is the only way to reopen deportation. She did something no one else would have done which was dismissed by a court of appeals.

I was in a worse legal condition, and I feared my time in the U.S. was about up.

I then asked around for someone to recommend an experienced lawyer. Someone recommended Alex Barak and after speaking to him it was so obvious he was an expert in the Immigration Court procedures and that my first lawyer was completely incompetent.

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David Langford

I came to the U.S. seeking an investment visa, the E-2, which for Israelis, became a new category. I searched around and I asked over twenty people who would be the best lawyer for me, someone who can bring me an approval of this E-2 investor visa and also be my attorney for all other legal matters a businessman could possibly face. My selection would have to be approved by my great wife, who is a lawyer in Israel. Not just anyone could be selected. We are very picky.


At the end, Alex Barak was clearly the person we needed, far more qualified and experienced than the other lawyers that were mentioned to me.

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Ba M

Alex Barak became my third Immigration attorney on my case after my first and second green card attorneys put me into deportation. Mr. Barak got the deportation canceled in a hurry and he pulled some miracle in getting my Immigration case set for an interview three days after he made a request to Immigration, which I am told is impossible, but he did it. My green card was approved in three days and I was able to travel to my son's wedding overseas. A real miracle Immigration attorney. No one can perform magic like him. Don't waste your time going to anyone else in South Florida. He is worth his weight in gold.

B Olan

I am so happy to have been approved last week for a green card through marriage and a waiver of a ground of inadmissibility.


Alex Barak handled my case with great attention to detail, was very demanding of the evidence needed, way beyond any expectation of mine, which turned out to be necessary. Our presentation at the interview was at the highest level. My case had a big complication which could have resulted in a denial, but Mr. Barak's great legal experience was put to needed use and was instrumental in my approval. His excellent ability to communicate with the interviewing officer at the interview was simply amazing.


Now, I can relax and enjoy my new permanent life in the USA, thanks to the Immigration Lawyer Superstar, Alex Barak.

Ilan Biran

I needed to have a high-quality immigration lawyer for my green card case, and after a lengthy selection process, I selected Alex Barak of Hollywood. He gave me the expertise I expected, the answers to all my questions, gave me and my wife all the time we needed, and at the interview, it was so simple. The USCIS officer admitted that she had never before seen such a perfectly prepared case. My green card also came very fast. Alex’s Barak’s vast experience at Immigration interviews, over 35 years, and his utmost attention to details, along with his sincere concern for his clients, makes him the perfect Immigration attorney.


Contact an experienced Immigration attorney, Alex T. Barak can help you today.


The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

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