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Deportation Defense, Also Known as Removal

Deportation Defense, Also Known as Remov

Miami’s Choice When Your Immigration Status Is At Stake

Without proper documentation to remain in the United States, as a person who entered the U.S. without a visa, crossed the border illegally, or overstayed a temporary visa, or green card holders with criminal cases in their background, deportation also known as Removal, is a threat faced by millions of people residing within the country. The laws in this category are very complicated and are changing rapidly. Customs and practices by the Government’s offices and attorneys are also changing lately, not for the better.

Deportation Defense, Also Known as Remov

Not hiring an attorney when one is facing deportation is like not seeing a doctor when one is seriously ill or injured.

Deportation Defense

Deportation proceedings, also known as Removal proceedings, are the exit door to life in America. Many cases involve green card holders who have criminal records, who are increasingly the target of Homeland Security’s aggressive deportation policies, people living here illegally, and in cases where green card applications are mishandled or simply denied, the foreigner is placed into deportation. Other persons are detained because they are simply illegal; they overstayed their visas or came into the country illegally. In many cases, there is a detained person who needs a bond hearing before an Immigration Judge.

Deportation Defense, Also Known as Remov

Although many people believe that if a person pays his or her taxes, and has an American family, there is no way he or she can ever be deported from the U.S., the truth is that permanent residents, those with green cards, are always at risk for deportation if they have or had brushes with the law. Certain types of felonies which are known as “aggravated felonies” can result in deportation with no right of defense. Other types of felonies can be pardoned through certain types of “waiver” applications. In addition, experienced attorneys can sometimes vacate or cancel certain convictions based upon certain inadequacies in representation in criminal cases.


Immigration has been acting very aggressively against all persons with criminal histories, even with small shoplifting charges. Any green card holder with a criminal history, if he or she travels abroad, upon return, is subject to inspection by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer who can intercept the returning permanent resident and place that person into custody.


If the person has been placed in an Immigration Removal or Deportation proceeding because of a crime or crimes committed in the past, or because a case was denied, or for whatever reason, immediately, that person needs to hire a very experienced immigration attorney because the person’s life in America is at risk. It is no less serious than having a life-threatening disease or sickness.


Many persons are held in Immigration jails or even in County, City, or Federal jails with Immigration “holds.” An attorney can help to determine how the detained person can be released and whether or not a bond is required.


If you are facing deportation, you can be taken into custody where bonds can be denied. The Government is very aggressive in this category right now. Hiring an experienced attorney is vital to preserving your rights and file for whatever legal relief is available, such as bonds, waivers, cancellations of removal, withholding of removal, adjustment to permanent residency. Alex Barak will do everything possible to fight for your rights to stay.

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Long Battle With U.S. Immigration Results In U.S. Citizenship for Jamaican-born Mother of 6, Grandmother of 17.

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I have had a green card for decades and I had a criminal case and I was facing deportation. I panicked and was so scared. I took this case as a true threat to my life in America. I was referred to Alex Barak by another client of his who had his case dismissed from deportation. My case went to trial, but my attorney Alex Barak was so convincing and persuasive on my behalf that the Judge quoted him in his decision allowing me to stay in the USA. God bless Alex Barak and I bless him for many more years of great service to the immigrant community.


Debra Gangaram


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