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L-1A Visa

How do I Obtain an L-1 Visa?

By opening a new subsidiary of foreign business in the U.S., a foreign business executive/manager can receive a working visa, L-1A, good up to seven years for a qualified multinational company scenario. The first L-1 visa can be issued for three years if the U.S subsidiary is already in full operation for over one year. Otherwise, the initial L-1 visa is valid for one year to start. The spouse and children receive the derivative L-2 visa. The spouse now has the right to work and to receive a Social Security number without a work permit. Can also apply for a work permit. This category of L-1A visa is convertible into a permanent green card via a multi-national manager category.

L-1A Visa Immigration Lawyer

The Immigration application and all proof will be mailed by the attorney to a central immigration office and an approval notice or a request for more evidence can be obtained in the case within approximately 60-90  days of Immigration’s receipt of the package through regular service. If additional documents are requested, after they are sent to Immigration, it will take an additional 30-90 days until approval under normal processing, or up to 15 days more on express service. Immigration officers vary in their approach to these cases. Some are easier than others. Premium Processing or fast service costs $2500.00 extra and guarantees a response to the petition within 15 days. This is strongly recommended to speed up your case. This is the best way to go for the certainty of time. Almost all of our clients use this fast service. A spouse and minor children under 21 can receive derivative L-2 status. A derivative spouse on L-2  now has the right to work and to receive a Social Security number without a work permit. Can also obtain a work permit.


The approval notice will be sent by the attorney to the client. If the client is in the U.S., he can apply to change status while here, and actually can begin working upon approval. If he travels outside the U.S. or is outside the U.S. when filing, then he will need to get the L-1 visa in his passport at the U.S. Embassy in his home country before trying to return to the U.S. He first must complete online the Department of State DS 160 form which is very lengthy and detailed. Then, he will need to make an appointment with a Non-Immigrant Visa Officer. There are some additional fees to pay to the Department of State per person for the L-1A, L-1B visas, and the L-1 for dependent spouses and children.

L-1A Visa

The L-1B visa is for an employee of a foreign company who has specialized knowledge. This visa can be extended up to five years but does not have the direct route for a green card that the L-1A has.

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Client Review

Talking about 1, 2, 3, Alex Barak did it all for me. I heard that L-1 visas were very difficult to obtain and then even harder to obtain an extension. But he got me through very fast.

I hired Alex Barak for an L-1 visa which was approved in 12 days without any request by Immigration for more evidence. Then he obtained for me an extension, in 13 days without any request by Immigration for more evidence.

Then he filed for me a green card case as a multinational manager. It was approved in only seven months!!

This attorney has proven to be the best. Your search for a great Immigration attorney starts and ends with him, Alex Barak.


Itai Ben Eli


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