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Representing the legal needs of local, national, and international clients, with personalized service

Alex Barak, from an immigrant family himself, with 40+ years of proven licensed and professional legal experience, can help you now with your Immigration law needs in all categories.

Service areas include Hollywood, Hallandale Beach, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Dania Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Sunrise, Plantation, Pompano Beach, Miami, North Miami Beach, Aventura, Golden Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, Bal Harbour, Surfside, Miami Beach, Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, the State of Florida, all 50 states, all of Latin America including, but not limited to: Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil; Canada, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and all former Soviet republics, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Immigrating to the United States is both a complicated and stressful legal process. The team at the Law Offices of Alex T. Barak, P.A. is here to help. We will guide you and counsel you every step of the way until you reach success in your case. We handle all Immigration law categories, including but not limited to investment-based work visas and green cards,  family-based and employment-based green cards, other work visas, asylum, citizenship, abused spouses petitions, religious visas, deportation defense, waivers, and cancellation of removal.  

Alex Barak has a perfectionist work ethic, totally thorough in his handling of cases. This is the skill-set you deserve and need for your case and your success.

Immigration Office Miami

Alex Barak can help with these categories, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Green cards through family, marriage, fiancés

  • Green cards  through investments and work

  • Asylum

  • Citizenship

  • Abused spouses

  • Work visas for investors, multinational company executives, college graduates

  • Canadian work visas, TN

  • Deportation defense, bonds to be released from Immigration jail;

  • Waivers of reasons the government many not want one to receive a green card and waivers of a criminal record for those trying to keep their green card.


  Summary of Immigration Categories

Alex T. Barak is experienced in all areas of Immigration law, all family-based cases, citizenship, and more. Call us with your specific legal needs. Read below about some of the categories.




E-1 Visas

An E-1 visa allows a national of a treaty country to enter the United States in order to engage in trade, with 50% or more of foreign trade with the applicant’s home country. See separate article on E-1 Visa.


E-2 Visas

For those who plan to invest a substantial amount of capital in U.S. businesses, at least $100,000.00, in setting up a new one or buying an existing one, an E-2 visa can initially be issued for five years. See a separate article on E-2 Visa.


EB-5 Visas

The EB-5 immigrant investor program allows certain entrepreneurs and their children and spouse to enter the United States if they make a passive investment in a commercial enterprise in the U.S. in the amount of $900,000.00 in certain approved projects; or active investment and management with $1,000,000.00 or more. Both categories require the requirement of creating at least ten permanent full-time jobs for U.S. workers. See separate article on EB-5 Visa.

L-1A Visas 

This work visa can be approved for a foreign company employer that wants to transfer a manager or executive from a parent company abroad to an existing U.S-based office or for the opening of a new U.S. company. This visa can be extended up to seven years and has a natural path to a green card under the multinational manager EB-1 category. See separate article on L-1A Visa.

Multinational executive or manager green card

An executive or manager who is employed in an international branch of a U.S. business may apply for a green card to enter the United States, assuming that the U.S. branch has been in business for at least one year and has documented numbers of employees and proven financial and tax records. This green card category is often the avenue used by persons who have developed a U.S. subsidiary under the L-1 visa. Direct application for this green card, skipping the L-1A visa altogether,  is also available to qualified companies. See separate article on Multinational Executive or Manager Green Card.





Those who are seeking freedom from persecution in the country in which they currently may seek asylum if physically in the United States and who generally file within one year of arrival. This is a very complicated process that you should immediately hire a very experienced Immigration attorney. It is absolutely essential that you have a professional with superior writing skills in this category. ALEX BARAK is well-known for its great success in asylum cases. If approved for asylum, a person has an automatic right to file for a green card one year and one day later. See separate article on Asylum.



To obtain U.S. citizenship, called the naturalization process, an applicant must first have a green card. A green card holder can apply for U.S. citizenship either three years after becoming a permanent resident by marriage or five years after through all other means. A person granted asylum, then a green card gets a one-year period of residency dated to one year before he/she is approved for said green card.

The continuous residence requirement means that applicants must be physically present in the U.S. over 50% of the year and have no absence of six months or more. Not paying taxes, owing taxes, owing child support or alimony, or any criminal arrest can prevent approval of citizenship. Certain criminal cases, including non-traffic misdemeanors, can cause a green card holder to not only be denied citizenship but to lose his/her green card and be deported to their home country. The citizenship test, involving questions about U.S history, civics, and geography, as well as reading out loud one presented sentence and writing one sentence, is fairly easy to pass.

Once granted naturalization, or U.S citizenship, the applicant can then obtain a U.S passport from a different government agency known as the U.S Passport Agency, a division of the U.S. Department of State. See separate article on Citizenship.


Deportation Defence

Deportation proceedings, also known as Removal proceedings,  are the exit door to life in America. The majority of cases are from green card holders who have criminal records, who are increasingly the target of Homeland Security’s aggressive deportation policies, people living here illegally, and in cases where green card applications are mishandled or simply denied, the foreigner is placed into deportation. Other persons are detained because they are simply illegal; they overstayed their visas or came into the country illegally. In many cases, there is a detained person who needs a bond hearing before an Immigration Judge.

If the person has been placed in an Immigration Removal or Deportation proceeding because of a crime or crimes committed in the past, or because a case was denied, or for whatever reason, immediately, that person needs to hire a very experienced immigration attorney because the person’s life in America is at risk. It is no less serious than having a life-threatening disease or sickness.

Without proper documentation to remain in the United States and/or being caught by Immigration police, called ICE, Deportation, also known as Removal, is a threat faced by millions of people residing within the country. A person with a criminal record, even one time, can result in deportation. If you are facing deportation, Alex Barak will do everything possible to fight for your rights to stay, to file for a waiver, cancellation, or termination. If you or a loved one is detained at an Immigration jail or a jail under Immigration control, you may be entitled to a bond to exit from such detention, No one should sit back when facing such serious matters. See separate article on Deportation.


Green Cards

A green card is a common term for lawful permanent residency. Paths to green cards include employment-based, investment-based, and Family-based; FAMILY: U.S. citizen filing for a spouse, a minor child under 21, or U. S. citizen 21 or older filing for parent—asylum or refugee status. See separate article on Green Cards.

Green cards category Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

There are provisions to allow immigrant victims of domestic violence, physical and/or  psychological to obtain immigration relief independent of their abusive spouse or parent through a process called “self-petitioning.” Those who are married to a U.S. citizen are treated to a speedier process than those who married a green cardholder. But both get protection from deportation and can remain while their case is pending and when they successfully obtain green cards. See separate article on Green Cards Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

H-1B Visas

An H-1B visa is a visa type that allows a U.S.-based employer to temporarily employ a foreign worker. It is called a specialty occupation, but the job is usually linked to a requirement of a university diploma(s) in a specific area of study. it is valid for up to three years to start and one more extension to six years. There are limited exceptions for a further extension if a labor certification for a green card has already been approved. This visa opens up for 65,000 new visas each April 1 and 20,000 more for those with a Master’s or higher. The visas get grabbed very fast, so an applicant should get started with an experienced attorney by November. See separate article on H-1B Visa.


K-1, K-2, K-3, and K-4 visas

These visa types are all reserved for family members, including a fiancé, child, or spouse. These visa types are some of the most commonly applied for relatives overseas. See separate article on this subject.


Among the types of professionals who are eligible to seek admission as TN non-immigrants are accountants, engineers, lawyers, pharmacists, scientists, and teachers. See separate article on NAFTA Visas.

Immigration Attorneys Miami

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