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Need Help With Your Immigration Case?

  • Are you seeking to obtain a visa or green card based upon an investment in an existing or new business?

  • Does your spouse, parent, child, or fiance want to obtain a green card?

  • Need to renew your green card?

  • Need assistance in becoming a U.S. citizen?

  • Are you in Deportation or Removal proceedings, or does ICE have a "hold" on you or a family member?

  • Are you seeking to bring your children or parents to the U.S.?


Law Offices of Alex T. Barak, P.A. is here to help you with all your immigration matters.





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Why Should You Hire An Experienced Immigration Lawyer for Your Green Card Marriage Case?

Google review
Google review

I have endured a long, long battle with Immigration, and I am happy and excited to announce that I now have my green card in my hand.

I owe a deep gratitude to Alex Barak, our lawyer, who fought so hard for us and never gave up in our years of battling for my right to live in the USA.

I tried to do a simple marriage case with my wife without a lawyer, but we were not equipped to handle it by ourselves. Never do it alone. Hire a well-known Immigration lawyer.

Disaster struck while my marriage case was pending. I was falsely arrested by an ICE agent on a train. I guess I was racially targeted. I was placed in deportation even though I had an open and pending marriage case with the USCIS. The Government lawyers did not seem to care about the law, and my lawyer Alex Barak locked horns with them, fighting for my rights in a multi-year battle. The USCIS was not interested in following the law. Even the Judge was not following the law.

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Andre Brown


The Law Offices of Alex T Barak, P.A. Is Google Guaranteed!

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Other Cities We Serve in Florida

Trusted and Experienced Immigration Attorney based in Hollywood, Florida. We serve clients all over South Florida, surrounding areas, and throughout the United States.

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immigration lawyer

  • When it comes to immigration Attorneys, experience counts. I have over 40+ years of experience

  • When you want results and personalized Immigration Law Services, call me, Alex Barak

  • I am the son of Immigrants and so were all my childhood friends. Helping immigrants is like helping family and friends. I will personally handle your case. You will not be passed onto a younger inexperienced attorney.

  • I handle all forms of Immigration law, including green card cases from family members such as wives, husbands, children, and parents, as well as business and investor type visas.

  • Keep in mind, if you try to handle an Immigration case by yourself, it is like performing heart surgery on yourself.