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Going To USCIS Appointments, March-April 2021 Updates

I have gone to many recent USCIS Immigration interviews for green cards for spouses, parents, and children, as well as citizenship cases in Miami, Hialeah, Oakland Park, and Royal Palm Beach.

Immigration Lawyer

Firstly, all my clients and I are treated very politely. Many of the security officers and Immigration Officers recognize me and know me for many years, so it is reassuring to clients when some of them give me a warm greeting.

Some officers only allow two people in the room with them for Covid protection, and I am sometimes placed in a room across the hall with a telephone speaker connection. All officers sit with a plexiglass wall on their desks in front of them. The waiting room has allowable seating spread out.

Waiting periods after checking in for the appointments have been pretty fair in the past two months, not waiting more than 30 minutes anywhere. Royal Palm Beach is super fast, never waiting more than 10 minutes.

My vast 39 years of experience and complete thoroughness in the presentation of cases and updated evidence have led to quicker than normal USCIS interviews. I am a perfectionist, and my level of evidence is second to none.

USCIS Immigration interviews
USCIS Immigration interviews

I can say that all my cases have been approved, and/or we expect for sure approval on a couple of others still pending. One case interviewed in early April 2021 was approved one day after the interview. We presented overwhelming evidence.

I love receiving new cases from people who want to file their Immigration cases the right way, not by themselves, not through some friend, not through GOOGLE, which has no license to practice law and not through some self-proclaimed paralegal.

I get calls from too many people who wasted their money, time, and lives trying to save money by not hiring a truly experienced Immigration lawyer. It is so shocking to see this and the suffering it has caused.

I tell my potential new clients: “Hand me your case, and I will deliver you to the promised land.” Thirty-nine years of hardcore results, results and only results are what I deliver.

US Homeland Security Citizen and Immigration Services

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